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Nurturing Tomorrow, Sustaining Today: Our Commitment to a Greener Future

Christophe Duchamp make great efforts to work in ways that are respectful and responsible. We realise that the world faces an increasing number of challenges and therefore we are committed to making better choices in order to minimise our social and environmental impact across the entire business. We are dedicated to minimising any adverse effects that our actions may have on both individuals and the environment.


Our watches are designed with a timeless elegance creating an heirloom quality.  The highest standards are employed  when crafting our timepieces with a conscious emphasis on using renewable or low carbon energy during the process. Everything from within our brand, recyclable packaging and investing in initiatives that support others is a journey that Christophe Duchamp is proud to be on. 


We are currently undertaking measurement of our carbon impact during production to analyse and highlight emission hotspots and identify risks. Our aim is to delve deeper into our internal company practices and the social impacts in terms of sourcing and suppliers and recalibrate to a more sustainable practice.


Although we know the final destination is far ahead we are taking the journey to sustainable luxury through a series of steps towards a better future for our company, people and the planet.


We offer an extensive two-year Christophe Duchamp Warranty